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It Takes Time: Patience in the Data Collection Process of Qualitative Research

It takes time.

To an impatient individual, this is a saying that can be repeated but never absorbed. I identify myself as an impatient individual. I thrive on seeing the results as soon as I possibly can. However, in the field of qualitative research, patience is a virtue. In the Data Analysis lecture video (part 1), data analysis and collection was equated to making a meal. This analogy has helped me comprehend the intricate process of data collection and how each stage of the process must be executed with patience. Time and attention must be given to the process.

The reviewing procedure is necessary to begin to analyze the data. You should consider ways of being, routines, character types, contexts and settings, and key time periods. Before you actually code, these must be taken into consideration. This will inform the coding process and make the procedure way easier to complete. You may end up changing the ways in which you will code after rereading the material. To complete a research project thoroughly is to consider and delve into all the steps, even those that seem unnecessary and/or daunting. Rereading is pertinent to the process and must be approached with patience, as in most other research steps.

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