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Quality, Not Quantity: Acacia's Insights on Qualitative Research

I grew up as a numbers girl. AP Calculus. Calculus D. Biotechnology. You name the STEM class, I took it; I even entered my undergrad as a Biology major. As you can probably assume, my interests lent themselves elsewhere. I became involved in scriptwriting and self-reflective writing, realizing I learned better by tying emotions and descriptive language to what I was learning. Creative, qualitative ways of learning made it easier to retain information and form greater connections with my learning communities.

As I learn more about qualitative research in JMS 619 at San Diego State University, I hope to dive into phenomena that can help understand experiences, whether personal or cultural. Currently, I am focused on ethnography, interviews, and focus groups to discover more about social media literacy and how that can help small tattoo businesses. I encourage you to join me on my qualitative journey, in hopes of using my research to further my career in improving social media literacy and teaching those skills at the college level. Welcome!

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