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Reflexivity: Necessary for Qualitative Research

Have you ever thought that your judgements would be involved in your research? I did not!

After learning about self-reflexivity, I realized how important "the self" is in developing personal growth and accountability in the research process. We.may not know how our beliefs and judgements will affect the data until the data is collected. While there is a concern that there is an over-emphasis on reflexivity in qualitative research. it has transformed the qualitative world by providing an outlet for researchers to discover any biases.

I never thought that myself, as a researcher, would be a focal point in my own research. I believe there are some preconceptions of research (in any field) that limits personal involvement. Data collection is not just numbers, it includes personal accounts and descriptions. Self reflexivity, more in-depth than purely reflecting, is necessary to give validity to the study. In a field of study where there may be some vulnerability, it can be difficult to control bias. I hope to embody self-reflexivity in my future research.

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